Review: Egglo Entertainment Easter Curriculum

    I was recently invited to review an Easter curriculum made by Egglo Entertainment. My kids, some friends, and I tested it out, and now I get to give you all the fun details so you can decide if it’s something your family might enjoy. I received a dozen glow-in-the-dark Egglo eggs, The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book, Egglo treasure Scripture scrolls, Egglo Bible verse stickers, and a download of the Egglo Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt Event Curriculum.

    We set up a pre-Easter, Easter party over at a friend’s house where we read the storybook and talked about how Jesus is the light of the world, then did an Easter egg hunt at night. I’ll admit, I really like the idea of showing how Jesus is light; even in the darkness you can see these eggs. It’s fun. It’s a great memory that our kids will always have.

Egglo Entertainment

    The Egglo Eggs are the center of the whole curriculum. They are plastic glow-in-the-dark eggs that you charge with light and then you hide them in the dark. They feature a cross on the front and open up so you can hide prizes inside them. Currently, they are $9.99 for a dozen and Egglo offers coupon codes for a discount on multiple boxes. I have four kids, and we tested this product out with an extra three kids, so an extra dozen eggs would have been awesome. If you’ve got a bigger crew, I would suggest more than one box. That being said, I coached the older kids on making sure than the babies got at least one each, and they did a great job sharing and helping out the little ones. That was a great lesson in and of itself.

Egglo Entertainment

    We used the extras (stickers and scrolls) as prizes in the eggs. Turbo (7) especially got a kick out of reading the Bible verses he got on the scrolls. The Toolman (5) was elated to find “the most eggs out of everyone” and plastered stickers all over his shirt. I’d say they were excellent additions to the Egglo eggs.  They are a pretty inexpensive way to add to the experience; just $4.50 per dozen for the scrolls and $3.29 per dozen for the stickers. The scrolls are sturdy and I think they will hold up for awhile. The paper is really thick and high-quality.

 Egglo Entertainment Book

The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Book

    The storybook is a paperback book that tells the story of a group of kids who go on an adventure after finding some glowing Egglo eggs. Along the way, they learn about character-building stuff like how to treat one another and how to avoid being bossy. The pictures are big and colorful, and when I asked my kids if they enjoyed the story, they said they did.

On the flipside, I felt like the book was way too long for the age group we were working with. I had kids from 2-9. The 7 and under crowd had a hard time staying in one place to finish the book in one sitting. The older kids didn’t like the story, and the oldest we had at the house (13) was “too old” to hang with us as we did the egg hunt. We wound up reading a few pages while an adult hid the eggs, taking a break to egg hunt and then doing that over again until the story was finished and we were totally done hiding eggs. I think the kids could have gone on egg hunting forever, but it started getting super late and all the adults were exhausted. The website does say that you may want to break the story up into chapters for younger kids, but I really wanted to have an “event” in one day and have that be it.

The downloadable curriculum contains a lot of resources for using these eggs with a youth group or something similar. It has coloring pages, ideas for snacks and Bible study the night of the egg hunt, and printable scrolls with Bible verses in them. I didn’t particularly need it for what we did, but you may find it valuable.

Overall, it is a really fun product and we enjoyed getting to review it. There are packages available, or you can get each thing individually so you can cater to your family more. I suggest looking over everything and then deciding what you like best for your group of kids; not everyone’s family is the same as mine.

If you are curious about how others’ families liked this product, swing on by the Review Crew’s site where loads of other great homeschooling moms reviewed the same products. They are a talented group of ladies; go show them some love, will you?

Egglo Entertainment Review  

My opinions are all mine, and I wasn’t compensated in any way for this review.

Crew Disclaimer*This post originally appeared on BlogHer March of 2015.*


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