Who is the Lady Behind The Screen?

I am first and foremost a Christian. I love Jesus. I believe in being real, and that the best things in life are either given by God in grace freely or worked really hard for on this earth. I love sitting on a mountaintop after a long hike and just breathing in the air that feels more full of life than the air below in the city. I love planting a seed and watching it grow into a plant that overtakes everything around it with its beauty as if it were never a tiny, humble seed to begin with. Likewise, I love watching my children grow and stretch into their world, gracing each day with their giggles, tickles, hundreds of questions, and imaginations. I love seeing my husband at the end of a long day because he gives the best hugs.

I wish I lived a really simple life. I try hard to plant lots of edibles, read my Bible, spend loads of time with my kids, and enjoy the people in my life for who they are, not who I wish they were. I say I wish my life were simple because it’s crazy having 4 kids in 7 years. It’s crazy having an ADD brain but a desire to really sit and do things well without forgetting, wandering, getting lost, stressing out, or getting sidetracked. It’s crazy to try to do things the “old-fashioned” way without a community of support or a family around like canning, making soap, eating whole, fresh foods, gardening, and sewing what you need instead of buying it. Those things take more time than just going to the store and grabbing a head of lettuce and a new skirt when you want one. It feels crazy sometimes to do things that other people just don’t do, like home schooling, quilting with littles at home, and trying to start a writing career when you really don’t have time to write. I like a good challenge, though.

Life is an adventure. I like a little good crazy in my life. It’s real here though, so don’t expect perfect pictures of a beautiful, spotless home and kids that look like they never get dirty. Don’t expect me to tell you that everything is good all the time. It’s not always good. God is great, but life gets messy. I like to think that mine is a beautiful mess that God is working on.



3 thoughts on “Who is the Lady Behind The Screen?

  1. Paul Abram says:

    My name is Paul Abram a Pastor in south Phoenix and we have a mutual relationship, Barry Lynch.
    I was wondering if my wife and I could meet you and your husband over coffee I’ve got this incredible story about myself and how I found my birth mother at 51 years of age. I was wondering would you want to write my story?
    Thank You


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