Published Work! My Story is Up!

I don’t often talk about my writing life here on this blog, because it really just doesn’t seem to tie into the rest of it. My existence is a hodgepodge of crazy things, let’s just be real about that. So, today I’m changing it up, and I’m talking about writing. Welcome to one more brick in the very colorful wall that is my life.

It’s hard to be super excited about something and not share it on my blog, so my bubbling enthusiasm is now vomiting its way toward you. You’re welcome. This month, a short story of mine, Sweets to Ashes, is available  free to read online at Quantum Fairy Tales. This online speculative fiction magazine publishes new issues quarterly, and they were the perfect fit for my modern day fairy tale that features a terrible, no-good, shape-shifting dragon and some sweet kids.

Go, click the link, read the story, and tell me what you think! Every time I get a new story published and it’s out there in the world, it just brings me joy. I wanted to share my joy with you today.

Until next time, take care!


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