From This Moment: a Historical Romance Book Review

Today, I’m bringing you a new book review. From This Moment by Elizabeth Camden is completely different for my blog, as I’m usually posting curriculum reviews or books for kids. I chose this book for myself, and as a homeschooling mom, I think it’s so important to do things that only you enjoy sometimes. Take care of yourself, mama; you’re important!
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Elizabeth Camden writes historical romance, and this particular story is set in Boston in 1897 when the first subway is being built. The premise is intriguing: the main character, Stella, a lithographer, is in Boston investigating her sister’s murder, and she meets Romulus, who runs Scientific World, a magazine dedicated to bringing science to the masses. Romulus wants Stella to create illustrations for his magazine, but she is determined to not create art again until her sister’s killer is found and brought to justice.

I like that the two main characters are drawn to one another because of their personal interests, and not just because they are so attracted to one another physically. I also personally enjoy science and art, so these two characters are a perfect match for me as a reader.

Both Stella and Romulus are very fashion-conscious, and the book dedicates quite a bit of time talking about what they’re wearing. While it does add to the historical feel of the story for the most part, it’s also not really my cup of tea. Though, plenty of people like that sort of thing, so it’s not necessarily a negative.

While the death of Stella’s sister’s is a mystery, that plot line is definitely secondary to the romantic attraction between Romulus and Stella in the book. There’s also a subplot involving Romulus’ business partner, his sister, and her estranged husband. They have a rocky past behind them, and the reader is left hanging wondering if they will ever live happily ever after or if they will continue to live with the drama of the past hanging between them.

Honestly, I didn’t really enjoy this book. When an idea is presented, it’s often told over and over again by different characters, but I didn’t get more understanding by seeing it from someone else’s perspective; I just got bored. To me, this book suffers from not being cut down in editing. The story is there, and the characters are interesting, but it was so hard for me to slog through the repetitive text. I can finish a good book in a day, and this one took me a full month to get through, just because I would read a bit, get bored or frustrated, and put it down. That being said, I’d probably give Elizabeth Camden another shot; I will probably try one more of her books sometime in the future.

I you’re interested in picking up From This Moment by Elizabeth Camden, click here. For more information on the author, click here.

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this blog are mine.

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