CursiveLogic: A Handwriting Curriculum Review

We have been using a new program, the CursiveLogic Workbook by CursiveLogic, to teach my 3rd grader to write cursive. Today, my review is going to cover how we have used the book, and our thoughts on the method of learning. This book teaches cursive in a new way; instead of going alphabetically and learning one letter at a time, the student learns groups of letters that are similar so the process goes much faster.

Cursive Logic 

Turbo had never written a single letter of cursive until we tried this program. It was too daunting for me to tackle, even though he has been insisting for over a year now. Learning print letters was a struggle, and handwriting continues to be a struggle for us. He can do it, but it is hard to get him to write anything of length. Part of that stems from some attention issues, and part of that is the dexterity required to write small letters really well. Anyway, all that just to tell you where we are coming from. I was really excited to try this approach to cursive, because it seemed like a great fit for our family.



The workbook is glossy-covered and top spiral-bound. I thought it was kind of weird to see a book that wasn’t spiral-bound on the side, but then the introduction to the book explains how this makes it perfect for left or right handed students because there is nothing impeding their writing. Also, the pages are printed so the teaching notes are on the top page and the student’s writing sheet is on the bottom; both are readable without flipping pages back and forth. While it may seem like a small thing, it makes so much sense; I don’t understand why more books aren’t designed that way. It sure would make my teaching life easier!

The lady who designed the book, Prisca LeCroy, wanted to teach cursive in a way that was quick and memorable. Even older students won’t feel bored or feel like they are doing “little kid” work, because the progression is very quick, and success comes after just a few days when your child can actually write some words in cursive already. Anytime we can say, “Look what you can do!” very early on in the program is great for us. We need that kind of momentum or we’re apt to logjam and burn out quickly with Turbo.

 Cursive Curriculum

We used CursiveLogic for about 4-5 weeks, 5 days a week. You can use it less per week, but I like to go full-immersion with things like this. I got far fewer complaints over handwriting time than I am accustomed to, and it didn’t feel stressful. I never imagined I would say that about teaching cursive! I’m going to use this method to teach all of my children. It is logical (just like the name!) and fast.

Cursive Curriculum 

 Letters are taught with a mnemonic device so your child can remember the shape easily. Groups of letters are taught together, so after just a few lessons your child knows 6-7 letters.

Cursive Logic

CursiveLogic was kind enough to include some FREE practice pages of cursive handwriting for me to share with my readers. Just click the link and you can download The Psalms, The Gettysburg Address, and The Declaration of Independence practice pages to use with your students. If you’ve got students who already know how to write cursive, take advantage of the freebies and enjoy! We printed up The Psalms set, which is 30 pages of handwriting practice we will use one Turbo knows all the letters in cursive.

If you want to read more reviews like this, check out the Review Crew at the link below. They are an awesome group of ladies who all home school in diverse environments, and we all used this curriculum to teach our children cursive. Go check them out!

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Crew Disclaimer*This post originally appeared on BlogHer July of 2015.*


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