Quilting The Star Throw

I am so excited that I can finally share this awesome quilt on my blog! My husband doesn’t frequent my blog, but I just knew that I would share it before Christmas and then he would get on and see it. That would kill my element of surprise! He had no idea I was making a quilt for him and I worked on it in secret for at least 2 months, if not longer.

Superhero Quilt before binding

Here it is before binding…I wish the picture really showed how imperfect and weird a blanket looks at this step in the process.

This project has a free pattern on Craftsy. Here’s my pin for it if you want to see the original or download the pattern for yourself. The creator of this project made hers baby sized, but my husband is 6’3″ and baby just wasn’t going to do it. I figured out how many squares needed to make it the right size for him, and left the star exactly the same. Well, almost the same, but I will get to that in a minute.

I hoarded and cut super hero fabric and shades of blue for this quilt for what felt like an eternity. My husband loves blue, and red white and blue just seemed to fit the super hero theme. I also threw in some yellow because yellow is MY favorite color. I’m selfish like that. Or, maybe I just want him to think of me when he sees it.

When I got to the star, I wanted to do something special, so I cut out a huge print of the Avengers and appliqued it over the star. It was super finicky with all these weird edges, but it turned out awesome. I’m just amazed it actually worked. I also really did a dumb thing and waited until the quilt was all the way put together to applique that thing on. Don’t ever do this unless you want to sweat, fight with your machine, and worry that you will either break something on your machine or give up on your applique. Applique goes on after piecing the star. I will never wait again.

Star Applique on superhero quilt

I put a really warm red fleece backing on it. I always back my quilts in 100% cotton, but I wanted this blanket to be really cozy. It is now the most coveted blanket in the house. I think it was a good call. I put red binding on it, and it really brought it all together nicely.

Superhero quilt back with fleece

I used really basic quilting lines…I quilted through the diagonal on the squares and worked my way around the star. My backing is not perfect, but it is good enough.

With Binding on...finished! Superhero quilt

It was a very easy, super basic pattern to follow, and great practice for matching points on those squares. I always, always pin at each intersection to get a perfect match. If I don’t, it is so ugly. The star really makes the whole thing great. I hope you enjoyed peeking at my latest quilt, and I will surely have more to come. I am having so much fun on my machine!

My Joy-Filled Life


*This post originally appeared on BlogHer January of 2015.*


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