Ohio Star Table Runner

It’s a new year, so I need a new quilt to work on! I’ve been looking over patterns trying to decide what my next new challenge will be.  The runners-up are: Ohio star, lone star, and Irish chain. I decided to make a small project with the Ohio star to see how well it pieced and if I wanted to make a lot of them or not.

I decided to go with a table runner. because it meant a few squares and a chance to practice my free motion quilting. I’m quite happy with the results.

I decided to go with white borders because I knew it would look crisp and clean. I have 4 small children, so it may not last long. We will see. I’m hoping we can take extra-good care of it! Here is the table runner laid out on my sewing machine.

It’s not perfect, but I love the colors together.

ohio star quilt

Another shot at those wide, white borders. I’m going to have to do something gorgeous in them! They are about 5″ wide.

I don’t think I’m ready to make a whole quilt with this pattern, but I am pretty excited to finish this small project up and decide on a pattern for my next big quilt.  When I have photos of the quilting, I will put them up here. I love sweet little projects like this that make your home feel cozy.

Candle in the Night
*This post originally appeared on BlogHer January of 2015.*

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