Ohio Star Table Runner Part 2

I finished the free motion quilting on the Ohio Star table runner I have been working on. I had a field day with all that white space! Here’s some pictures of my quilty-goodness to hopefully inspire your next quilting project.

freemotion quilting

I made these fun daisies in the squares. I used a green variegated thread that I bought to make my sister’s quilt a couple of years ago. I hated it for script quilting, but I love it in this table runner. You can see the design quite well, which is what I struggled with on my last quilt. The light green is very light. It doesn’t always show up well.

freemotion quilting

I did this vine and leaf pattern along the top and bottom borders. Being a crazy lady, I decided to not plan and just “see what happened.” While I don’t recommend that, it worked out well for me this time. You really don’t have to plan, mark, and use templates to quilt. You can, but you don’t always have to in order to get good results.

freemotion quilting

Here’s the finished runner minus the binding. I do not love the pattern I used on the sides, but it works. ¬†Overall, especially if you don’t nitpick it up close, I think it will make a lovely addition to our home. It seems weird to finish a quilting project in such a short amount of time after all the big projects I’ve been working on. It’s kind of nice, actually.


And what post would be complete without an up-close view of how I take my thread to the wire. That is what was left over when I was finished. Cutting it a bit close, you might say. I’m glad I had enough to finish. Free motion quilting can take so much thread!

What are you working on this week? If you have a sweet quilting project in the works, link to it below. I love checking out others’ quilting goodness!

*This post originally appeared on BlogHer January of 2015.*


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