S is for Smiling Sunrise: a Picture Book Review

     I recently received a children’s picture book for review, S is for Smiling Sunrise by WordsBright  and written by Vick Wadhwa. It is a bright, cheery hardcover book and I am pleased to get to talk about it today.

 ABC Book S is for Smiling Sunrise

     S is for Smiling Sunrise is an ABC book that encourages “goodness, beauty, and wonder:” while it is not coming from a Christian viewpoint, it’s not against any of my values, either. It uses rhymes to talk about interesting things in the world, being good, and taking care of what we’re given. For instance, G talks about how it’s as much fun to give a gift as it is to receive one.

 S is for Smiling Sunrise

     This book was written by a father for his daughter to help her learn the ABCs; you can visit the author, Vick Wadhwa, on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/wadhwavick. It’s a wonderfully made book, and the website includes some awesome freebies: a teaching manual, a printable poster, and an MP3 of the book set to music. You can purchase the book directly from the website, or at major retailers such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

     Teaching tips in the guide include discussion topics for each letter and value the book discusses. There are great ideas for someone who is just approaching teaching a young child and who needs direction. I feel like book discussion comes naturally to me now as I read and afterward, but that wasn’t always the case. Sometimes, having someone give you talking points is very helpful. It’s there if you need it, or you can skip using it if you feel comfortable in this area already.

 Early Childhood Education

     When we received the book, my kids were all excited to sit down and read it. We kind of love books over here. Okay, we love books a little too much over here. A new picture book showing up called for an immediate reading, no matter what else was going on at the time. Since then, we’ve read it quite a few times, and they are still enjoying it. I’ve had Turbo and the Toolman both host story time and read to everyone out of this book. It’s great ABC recognition practice, and the pictures are big and eye-catching.

     The alphabet song was a hit with them; if there is an audio component, Turbo especially loves it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard John Henry in the van, just because it was the only audio book I remembered to bring with us. That’s a whole ‘nother thing. Anyway, he was sold when I told him we could “listen to the book.” He got headphones for his birthday last year so he can listen to audio books or music privately, and he loves to listen on his own; it’s a special treat just for him.

My kids all really enjoyed reading S is for Smiling Sunrise, and it is a welcome addition to our bookshelf. I love that there isn’t anything in it that I have to worry about the kids reading, and it is different that other ABC books we have read in the past.

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Crew Disclaimer*This post originally appeared on BlogHer May of 2015.*


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