Curriculum Review: GPA LEARN

I am really excited to get to share this new review with you today! My children and I have been using an online math curriculum, GPA LEARN by the company GPALOVEMATH. We were given the opportunity to receive their yearly subscription, and we used this curriculum 4-5 days per week with both Turbo and the Toolman.



    GPA LEARN is a complete math curriculum that your child does online. There are animated lessons that are divided by grade level and each level has its own learning coach. The Toolman’s learning coach for K is “Detective Digits” and the theme is math detective work for the whole year. Turbo’s learning coach for 2nd grade  is “Adirehs” who is an island dwelling girl and the theme for his year is exploration of the island. The one thing I personally dislike is that the island girl wears a half shirt. This is just my own thing; I wish she were a little more modest. She is the only character in any year that is this way. The voices are very digital, which my kids never mentioned even once. I got used to them, but in the beginning I didn’t like them. The math is solid, and the program is set up in a very cool way, so it was a great program to work with, overall.

GPA LEARN Math Curriculum

Detective Digits



The lessons took my kids between 15 minutes and 45 minutes each, depending on how new the material was and how long it took them to work out the practice material. The newer, harder lessons took a longer time, and the review lessons they breezed through. I think they are right on target for how long I can expect my kids to sit in front of the computer for one subject. There is a teaching section, a practice work section, and then a quiz. If they miss a question, they can go back and look at it after the quiz is over.

GPA LEARN Math Lesson

I really like that there are two options for completing lessons: recommended order and by topic. If I want my child to skip some material because they know it or we aren’t ready for it, or whatever, we can skip it. If I want them to just follow the program, they can do that too. It is linear and new lessons unlock when you complete the ones before them. There are three “paths” you can use, though, so you usually have 3 lessons to choose from when using the recommended order. The paths all work together, but each focus on different areas of math. Right now in Turbo’s paths are measurement, place value, and addition.

GPA LOVEMATH Learning Paths

The only thing I wish was available that GPA LEARN does not offer is a placement test. It would have been nice to see what grade my kids placed in before picking a grade to start them in, and we started mid-year so my kids didn’t need to re-start the year over. I was able to figure out where to put them, but it would have been nice of the program to offer a way to place them.


     In the parent’s dashboard, there is an option to set up rewards for your child. There is a huge set of pre-made rewards you can use in case you can’t think of anything, or just want the ease of using what is there. There is also the ability to make custom rewards for your children. This can be whatever you want at all, you just type it in. For us, one custom reward we used was “Daddy/Mommy night.” The kids love having one-on-one “date” nights with my husband or myself.


My son’s “backpack” with rewards in it.

Rewards are distributed at random after your child completes a lesson. Depending on how many rewards you add, it will say, “Your child will receive a reward approximately every x lessons.” My kids get one random reward about every 8 lessons. The Toolman got a quarter as a reward a few days ago; Turbo got a 5 minute wrestling session (Yes, that is an option, and it is one of his favorites. That boy loves to wrestle!). Rewards can also be “bought” by your kids if they have enough points. They earn points for every lesson they complete, and they get more points for doing an excellent job on the final quiz.

The rewards are the thing that kept this math curriculum rolling strong in our house for the last 6 weeks. The kids found out they could buy the reward “$25 Toys R’ Us gift card from the marketplace on GPA LEARN. This is a gift card that the company sends out to you for redeeming points. Both of the boys wanted to do nothing but math until they had that gift card in their hand so they could buy new Legos. The marketplace offerings vary, but there are some cool options there. I’m not sure how I feel about my kids getting Legos for doing their math, but it was great to see them trying really hard and getting really excited to complete their work for the day.


Price, Subscription Information, and Specifications

    GPA LEARN is sold per child and you can buy either a yearly subscription or a monthly subscription. You have access to grades K-5, so you can work with multiple grades if you like. The yearly subscription has a promo code on the website right now and you can get it for $129 per child; it is regularly $149 per child. The monthly subscription is $12.99/mo and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You can always check it out and see if you like it before you buy a yearly membership.

    We used this program on our Chromebook, and other available platforms that will support GPA LEARN include: Microsoft Windows, Mac, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. Browsers include: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari 6 & 7. It does not currently operate on the Kindle Fire.

If you are interested in seeing how other families used this program in their home school, please visit the link below. The other ladies on the Review Crew are a wonderful bunch and we all have different sized families and different circumstances that we school under.

GPA Learn Review 

Crew Disclaimer*This post originally appeared on BlogHer March of 2015.*


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