Grammar Curriculum Review: Brookdale House

Brookdale House offers The Grammar Workbook Set for students who are ready to learn more advanced grammar and sentence writing. Today, I am going to review this curriculum for you and tell you about our experience with using it in our home school.

This set says it is for students in middle school, but I am using it with my 3rd grader who has a good grasp on handwriting and is an advanced reader.

Homeschool Curriculum Review by SunshineyDay


What We Received

The Grammar Workbook Set is available as a download or a physical book; I received an email with the digital version in the form of a downloadable PDF file. There is also an answer key included, which you can print or just reference online when you need to grade. The workbook is 236 pages, which feels like a massive print without double sided printing. Mine happens to be broken on my printer right now, and as I looked through the curriculum, I realized that printing it double sided probably wouldn’t be a great idea anyway. Certain pages need to stand alone, as there is copy work with each lesson followed by a sheet of lined paper.

Brookdale House

I wound up picking through the file and printing only the lesson pages without the lined paper. It was still a huge print job. I decided to have my son use his lined notebook paper for copy work so I didn’t have to print the extra pages. I wish there was an option to print this book with or without the lined paper included. That would make it a lot easier on my end.


How We Used it

Turbo, my 3rd grader used this as a supplement to his regular handwriting program, an average of 3 times per week for the duration of the review period. I would read the lesson to him, which is short and sweet, and then I would do the examples with him to make sure he understood the concept. After that, I would have him independently do the writing portion of the work. There are a few options available for the copy work the student does weekly. I opted to have him copy it word for word, but Brookdale House also suggests allowing your student to make changes to it in the same style as the writer, or to re-write it in entirely different words. He’s still young, but the other options would be great for more advanced students. I also opted to not have him to sentence diagramming, although I think it’s a good skill to have at some point. He is at the low end of the grade spectrum, and again, this is a great idea for older students. You could also wait until the end of the curriculum, when your student thoroughly knows their parts of speech and re-visit some diagramming exercises.

Middle School Grammar Workbook I gave my son one week at a time stapled together or hole punched and added to his daily work binder. As I said before, I also gave him a lined notebook to use alongside the workbook instead of having him use the lined paper they provide as part of the print. You can easily do either. I find that using a big workbook one week at a time is less daunting than trying to manhandle an entire novel-sized document all at once. Easier on momma, easier on the student. 

Final Thoughts

I enjoy teaching grammar, which is something only a writer will probably ever say, but this curriculum honestly makes it easy for you whether you like grammar or not. Everything is laid out neatly and clearly, and I love that it is flexible enough to use with younger or older kids. You can tailor it to your child’s level to help minimize frustration over difficult material. The basics are covered: sentence structure, clauses, nouns, appositives (what’s that, right?), verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, modifiers, conjunctions, interjections, all varieties of punctuation marks, and many more! Are you exhausted yet, just reading that? All things your child needs to know, and things you probably haven’t had to label since you were in grade school. I will continue to use this curriculum, because it’s easy to teach, takes a short amount of time each day, and doesn’t require a lot of prep work.


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Crew Disclaimer*This post originally appeared on BlogHer October of 2015.*


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