La La Logic: A Preschool Curriculum Review

     This last month, we have been using an online preschool curriculum by La La Logic; today I get to review it for you. I am pretty excited about this one, as it was a hit with my little Princess who just started school at the beginning of this year.

 La La Logic

First Impressions

    I liked that they layout was simple, there were no ads (like on some free educational programs online), and my kids didn’t have the opportunity to click on random things they shouldn’t. The big boys begged and pleaded to “play” La La Logic every time I turned it on. That’s usually a good sign. Baby Butter, he learned to say La La Logic, and would ask for it when I got on to work on my novel. It was a hit in my house. When you’re not using the online program, your child does worksheets and fun activities with you. I liked the idea of having a program with both hands-on activities and an online component.

    The beginning lessons seemed overly simple to me at first, but it is an early learning program. For a child learning how to use a mouse for the first time and just gaining skills in matching, sorting, counting, etc., more complex games just lead to frustration. For us, there were some things we’d already been over, but we use a lot of online educational games.

    The more advanced lessons were really good. I had Turbo do Continuous Brain Challenge Mode starting at lesson 50. They give you a problem and you have to solve it. The answer was not always immediately obvious to me. I will admit, a few of the lessons/games made me stop and think about how to solve the problem. I’m not sure if I should admit that or not, but it’s not like I never figured out the solution. I’m tired, all the time; aren’t you? I’m just saying, it does get challenging, which produces critical thinking skills. It was also really fun, so I’m not sure how it gets better than that.

 La La Logic

What to Expect

    The startup page has 100 lessons weeks worth of lessons, and you check each week off when you’ve finished it. They offer a plan for Monday-Friday of the week and only part of that is using the online program. There’s also a place to take notes if you want to remember something about that week. For each week, there is a downloadable/printable lesson plan with worksheets.

Here are a few screenshots from some of the lessons:

Worksheets Preschool Curriculum

 Sorting. The program doesn’t tell you what you are sorting by; it took the Princess a minute to figure out to sort by number of items.

Screenshot La La Logic

 This challenge was to click the balloons that matched the number in the frame. There is no penalty for missing a balloon as it goes by.

La La Logic Online Preschool Curriculum

There is a dancing monkey at the bottom that boogies when you choose the correct answer. All the kids loved this monkey every time he came on. It’s the little things.

La La Logic Screenshot

Here you need to click on the bowl with more fish in it. The star tracking system at the bottom is simple and perfect.


Pricing, Access, and Parent Involvement

     One of the best things about La La Logic, it that it is designed for families: you pay once for the product to get it for a lifetime, and you can track up to 5 children at once. This is the shining feature for me. I love having something that I can use for multiple kids and I don’t have to worry about a hefty price tag every year or every month. La La Logic is just $29 and they offer a 30-day, money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay for it. I love that.

      There is one parent portal and you can see each child on that page. They get to choose an animal to represent them like a dragon or a cat. You can see from your parent page: each child’s icon, which lessons they’ve completed, and an option for extra practice on specific skills.

      This preschool curriculum speaks for itself; it’s solid, engaging, and it sets up a whole year of preschool logic training for you. It’s not just a mindless thing you plug your kid into, you get to play games with them, teach them to use scissors and glue, and do fun activities. It’s well rounded.


Examples of the worksheets:

La La Logic Worksheets


      With the program not keeping track of what you’ve finished, (You have to manually check off completed lessons), I struggled a bit. It’s nice to be able to pace yourself, but I sometimes forgot to check off the week we’d finished already and I wouldn’t remember which lesson to load up. It’s a small thing.

Continuous Brain Challenge Mode is awesome, but you have to set a timer or it just goes on for what feels like forever. I’ve been known to forget I have a child on the computer when, for example, a certain small, wild child goes on a mission to throw every shoe we own up the stairwell. Or, the cat sneaks into the house and makes a beeline for my room. Not that that ever actually happens. It’s just an example. So, setting a timer is vital or some lucky little one gets to play La La Logic until the cows come home.

Overall, the program is a success here. When Turbo found out I was doing my review today, he said, “Does that mean La La Logic is…over?” Cue super sad face and pouty lip. It’s not over for us; we will continue to use it mostly with our Princess, but the big kids will certainly spend some time on it as well. They really enjoy it.

    I think this is a perfect preschool curriculum for starting a child out with using a computer. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and gets harder the further you get into the program. It would also be great for someone who is starting out homeschooling, because it is all laid out for you and you don’t have to do a lot of legwork to set up your school time. That is a major plus in my book.

     If you want to see how other families used La La Logic in their home school setting, click the link below to visit the other members of the Review Crew. We all teach in different ways, under different family dynamics, and we all have distinct experiences to share!

La La Logic ReviewLegal Stuff:

Crew Disclaimer 

*This post originally appeared on BlogHer May of 2015.*


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