The Defective Organic Apple: A (Botched) Homeschool Lesson

We are working on day three of creation. In case you haven’t cracked open Genesis in a long time, or ever, this is the day that God created the land masses, the plants, and the trees. Rushing forward, carried by my morning’s coffee, I grabbed out my lesson planner (planned out for the next two months, hallelujah!), my Bible, my Weaver curriculum and we got to learning.

We started out by talking about seeds, how each plant makes its own seed and how that seed makes a new plant of the same kind. I love to make a point with an actual demonstration or physical activity of some sort. We headed to the kitchen to look at some seeds and have a snack. Why not? I explain again, when I open up the apple, we will see apple seeds. This is what we got:


Apple FAIL 

Are those not the smallest seeds you have ever seen in your life? I started wondering about those organic apples I am paying twice as much for. What kind of apple doesn’t make seeds?

So, we cut open an orange. I don’t have a picture, but you get where this is going, right? No seeds! By now, I am feeling like a complete failure. I have one last ace up my sleeve, a pumpkin that I bought to make pumpkin spice lattes with. Best cut it open now! I know for certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the pumpkin will have seeds in it. I ask the boys, “Do you think the pumpkin has seeds in it?”

“NO!” comes the resounding cry. They both look at me like I’m silly. I’m so goofy. Why would I think such a thing? Is this where this lesson is going? Please, God, let this pumpkin not be without seeds… I don’t know what I will do!




At last! Seeds! Ah ha! Told you so! But, it wasn’t a complete waste…



The horse even got some apple snack! And, as a last vindication, my son comes running in at lunch time, with another apple I had given him, and proudly tells me, “Mommy, look, my apple has seeds in it!” Lesson learned.

We also made some seed books with different seeds in them to show the differences. Note the very rare 2 apple seeds that came from that second apple!



**This post was a featured member post on BlogHer in October of 2011.**


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