Super Teacher Worksheets: A Review for All Teachers

My family was recently given the opportunity to try out Super Teacher Worksheets and review them for you. We were given an individual membership, which gives you access to thousands of printable worksheets for a full year. I used the site to print out worksheets for my 1st and 3rd grader.

Super Teacher Worksheets

There are many options available for worksheets from Pre-K work through 5th grade. The site is geared toward providing worksheets for teachers, not necessarily homeschoolers. There are a few things that I couldn’t use, like games for a classroom, but there were tons of things that worked for our small class of 3 students. We used worksheets for building English skills, learning fractions, practicing addition, and learning shapes. I also used their worksheet generator for building a BINGO game based off our Spanish vocabulary. It was so nice to be able to easily plug in the practice words and their English equivalent, then print them right away. It took me maybe 10 or fifteen minutes, and then we had a game we could play over and over again.


Home School Worksheets


The website is very user-friendly, and worksheets are organized according to subject. Once you click on the subject you are interested in, you are directed to a list of available worksheets. For each one, it will tell you if it’s easy, intermediate, hard, or it will tell you a grade range. This makes finding worksheets very intuitive and quick. That is exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t want to spend 30 or 45 minutes looking for something for my kids; I want it quickly so I can get back to teaching. The worksheets range from very basic to unusual and interesting. It’s a good mix, and they say that there are new ones being added all the time. I didn’t get to see every single worksheet available because there are just too many, but we did probably 15-20 of them. Each one that I used for my kids was picked because I loved it and we needed to work on that skill. I am very happy with the selection.

Homeschool Worksheets

My kids’ favorites were the color by number sheets. Instead of spaces with a single number, there are addition or subtraction problems in each space. I did not think my 3rd grader would have the patience for the 40 or so problems, plus the coloring, but he sat through the whole thing and did a really great job on it, too. Impressive!

Math worksheet

And one more:

Super Teacher Worksheets

My favorite was the printable timed tests. We are just starting multiplication this year, so it’s a bit stressful. Having the drills ready to print quickly is very convenient; I just have to start a timer. There are printable answer sheets too, if you like. When we started, my kids scored 16 correct and 10 correct. The last test they took, they both scored 36 correct! They’re getting better! The best part, is that they ask me, “What are we doing from Super Teacher Worksheets today?” They are obviously enjoying the work. This makes my job so much easier!

One thing I really wanted but could not find was a worksheet generator for handwriting. I would love to be able to type in a Bible verse, a quote, or names and be able to print practice work in cursive or print. I e-mailed the company, and they said it’s something they may have in the future. If they add that, I will be using it frequently.

Super Teacher Worksheets’ individual subscription is available for $19.99 for a calendar year from the date you sign up. You can print an unlimited amount of worksheets across different grades, and you can use them for multiple children. It’s a great value, being able to access English, Science, Math, Reading, Phonics, Spelling, and many more subjects all in one place. We will continue to use this site, especially for the Math sheets and the worksheet generators.

If you are interested in more reviews like this one, please click the banner below. The Review Crew is comprised of families from all backgrounds and life circumstances. We all used this site for our home classrooms. It’s a great group of ladies; go check them out!


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Crew Disclaimer*This post originally appeared on BlogHer September of 2015. *


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