Curriculum Review: CTC Math

My family was recently chosen to review a new math program, CTC Math. We were given their 12 month family plan, which includes online access to their video lesson library 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, and I can use it for up to 10 kids. I don’t have 10 kids, but the fact that you could use it for that many kids makes it great for bigger homeschooling families.

 CTC Math - Online Math


We have one child in kindergarten and one child in 2nd grade. At this level, there are no worksheets to print out, just the video lesson to go over and the test questions. The kids in later grades have worksheets you can use in addition to the online work if you want more review of the topic.


The lessons we did were all less than 5 minutes long apiece, and even at the higher level math, lessons average 4-9 minutes in length. There is a video for each lesson that gives a detailed description of the concept, examples, and then a test at the end.

 CTC Math 2nd Grade

2nd Grade Lesson Menu

 CTC Math Lesson Example

Screenshot of a lesson on right angles. The diagram is drawn on as you listen to the audio description of what this angle is called and why.


There is also a section separate from lessons that is for memorizing math facts called speed skills. In this section, you select what you want to practice: addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, and the clock gives you 60 seconds to finish as many problems as possible. My kids both loved doing speed skills and trying to beat their personal best.


Speed Skills Math Facts

Speed Skills Level One. My kids loved these!


Who is This Great For?

We used CTC Math to compliment our regular math program, and it worked excellent in that way. Their website says they are your online math tutor; for kids who are struggling, behind, or needing extra review in certain areas, CTC Math would be an excellent choice. The lessons are short (ours were all less than 5 minutes long) so they don’t take a ton of time. The material is presented one concept at a time, so you can choose what your child really needs to go over. Also, families with multiple kids will appreciate the ability to track each child individually across multiple grades for one yearly price.


Price and Specifics

 CTC Math costs $118.80 per year for up to 10 kids (this is a discount from the regular price, and is offered only to homeschooling families). If you were paying for a math tutor, the cost of this program is probably significantly cheaper. You also have access to every grade through high school, which is incredibly helpful when dealing with multiple students or students that excel in certain areas but need help in others. There is a free trial available if you want to try it before you purchase it.


CTC Math is online, so you don’t have to download anything to your computer. We have a Chromebook, so downloading is not an option. I love having access to a math program whenever we need it, and without taking up space on a computer. The lessons are not graphics heavy, and we never had issues with lagging or freezing when watching the video lessons.


CTC Math



There is no placement test, so you need to know what your child struggles with and start there. Or, you can just start at the beginning of a school year and see how it goes. The lessons are not linear, so you don’t have to finish certain ones in order to access others. You can go in whatever order you want to. Do what works best for your child.


The program is Australia-based, so the wording is different than US English in some places. I notice it, but I don’t think it makes a difference overall. You will hear things like, “You need 2 dollars fifty.” instead of something like: “You need 2 dollars and fifty cents.” My kids used an Australia-based reading program, and we all loved it more than any others we’d found. Again, just mentioning it, but it doesn’t really matter to us.


When presented with new material, my kids failed their review test at the end every time. The 5 minute (or less) lesson was not enough to introduce a new topic for my kids. If there was some non-graded practice questions, it would probably make a huge difference. I continually had to remind them that it was OK if they got almost no problems correct when the review test was over. They are accustomed to taking a test and getting an 80-90 percent on it. They frequently got 10-50 percent on these and it was both discouraging and frustrating. If we continue to use it, it will only be for review and not for introducing new material.


Overall, if you need a program to refresh certain areas of your child’s math education, this is probably a great fit for that. It takes just a bit of time each day, which makes it easy to fit into your schedule. Lessons are presented no-frills, which can be good for certain students needing a direct approach to learning. Also, the flexibility to use this with multiple children is very nice.


If you want to see more reviews like this one, click the banner below to visit the other Review Crew websites where moms like me used CTC Math in their own home schools. We all give honest feedback and love to help you make a decision about what will work for your family.

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Crew Disclaimer*This post originally appeared on BlogHer June of 2015.*


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