7 Must-See Post-Apocalyptic Television Shows

It’s no big secret: the novel I am polishing this month is a post-apocalyptic story. I have an obsession love for the genre that has spurred on my very first novel and a short story as well.  Today, I’m going to give you the top 7 post-apocalyptic shows that will inspire you, keep you wanting more, and make you glad that you’re watching events unfold across a screen and not in real life.

Without further ado:

Post-Apocalyptic Must-See Television

7. The Last Man on Earth (2014): Still Running – I begrudgingly add this show to the list because I have to admit, after watching the last episode, that I actually liked to show. I watched one episode, gave up,  then watched another episode later on. As it turns out, I couldn’t tear my eyes away, and a great love/hate relationship developed. The main character, Phil Miller, is the “last man on earth” after a plague. He prays for a woman, but the woman that shows up is far from his image of the perfect woman. Things continue to get complicated when more people show up. The thing is, the main character is a jerk who just gets jerkier and jerkier until you want to reach through the screen and choke him. He is that bad. However, I’m obviously still talking about it, so the creators of the show must have had something good working in their favor when they made it… I was also sucked in because January Jones (Mad Men) plays a character, and I miss Mad Men so very much.

6.  Revolution (2012-2014): Based in a world where the power is out and life has changed everywhere, it’s as much about the relationships between the survivors as it is about the events that continue to unfurl as the show goes on. It’s fast-paced, and the surprise reason why the power can’t be turned on is smart, interesting, and not at all run-of-the-mill. The acting is good, which I require of any show I’m going to watch for more than, say, one episode. I have very little patience for time-wasters, okay?

5. Terra Nova (2011-2012): A cancelled favorite of mine. People from the year 2149 go back in time (dinosaurs included!) to try to fix the future that is in peril. While the landscape is fun, the story is rich and intricate. The power struggles are real and interesting, and the subversive culture that permeates the storyline is just awesome. Don’t expect a neat package with all the ends tied up at the end of the first season, but you won’t regret seeing it.

Post-Apocalyptic Families

4.  Jericho (2006-2008): I didn’t watch this show when it originally aired, but I knew I had to see it as soon as I found out Skeet Ulrich played a character. As a teenager, I was smitten with him in the way only a teen girl can be. Girl crush aside, he plays an excellent mysterious character. This story takes place after a nuclear blast and doesn’t end properly because the show was canceled, but that doesn’t make it any worse off. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

3.  The 100 (2014- Still Going Strong): What would happen if they sent 100 juvenile delinquents to earth to try to recreate civilization years after earth became became unlivable? This show is originally set in space, but later continues on a ruined earth where people actually still live and factions have separated, started wars, and learned how to survive in their own unique ways. The cast is mostly teens, but it’s not a boring, romance-filled drama-fest. There are characters you love, and some that you love to hate. Well worth watching.

2. Firefly (2002 – 2003): This is a sci-fi favorite with a companion movie, Serenity. The story takes place in the future, where Earth is not the same Earth we see today. It’s fun, exciting, and loaded with geeky science-fiction goodness that will make you want to watch it over and over. In fact, I have.  

 1. The Walking Dead (2010 – Present and On Into The Future): This is the only one on my list that is a zombie flick, because that’s not exactly my thing, to be honest. The Walking Dead is full of powerful acting, society fallen, rebuilt, broken and twisted in darkness, kids, marriage, cheating, power plays, abuse, overcoming, strength in numbers, honor, courage, and tons more. You can’t beat good storytelling and phenomenal acting, even if I do have to close my eyes at the gory parts.

Honorable Mentions:

I wanted to find room on this list for both The 4400, and Helix. Both shows left me coming back for more repeatedly and thinking about the story long into the night sometimes. Both are worth watching, but don’t quite fit the genre. Helix is more Sci-Fi, though it does time jump and earth is eventually in ruins, but that’s not the main storyline. If you like plague drama, this is one you can’t miss. The 4400 is more bent toward aliens, DNA alterations, and the future of the human race. Is it also really good, and worth watching.

 That’s the list! Do you have any to add? Comments welcome below, and enjoy the show!

**This blog was originally posted on BlogHer 6/29/2015.**


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