Jenna and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I find it very timely that I’m reading Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day with my kids right now. Anyone else love this book as a child? I thought it was a good way to kick off talking about what we do when we have a bad day. I am all about the character lessons. And then, I had this day:

I woke up this morning to my husband rushing out the door to work. On Saturday. So, we’re home, but we can’t really go do anything fun because my 2 year old has the runs. I only mention this because it will be significant later. If you’re sensitive to talk of bodily fluids, run now! I had a bloody nose for the 3rd day in a row, in both nostrils. Princess spit up in one bed, so I moved her to another, which she also spit up in, and then to her crib, which she also spit up in. Time to wash sheets! I made coffee, and got out everything to make muffins, and then I realized that we were out of milk. We also didn’t have any yogurt to substitute because I haven’t made any because we were running low on milk. Somehow, I forgot.

We trekked to the store right down the street, and it was miserable cold. I’m not sure what happened but we went from summer to winter in a week’s time. After much protesting about the weather, we finally all got in the car. I couldn’t find any pants for Princess; she has been wearing only skirts for the longest! I opted for a jacket, shorts, and socks. We took forever at the store to get about 5 things. By the time we got to the checkout, I was bracing myself for the total because we must have the stroller jam-packed with items to have been at the store for so long. It was $20.00. Seriously? How did I spend my last hour? I’m really boggled by this.

We got home, made muffins, I had coffee, and we finally started our day.

Then, my son doesn’t make it to the bathroom. Nothing for a short while, and then chaos ensues. We head out to the post office and apparently they close at 12 on Saturdays. I can’t mail my package. When we get home, everyone is starving. Melt-downs commence, nap time is missed by all, even my 7 month old (yuck!). Fighting breaks out over who had which lunch container, who ran into whom at playtime, what we’re going to do when we are done with lunch. I despise no nap days. They go to play, my son doesn’t make it to the bathroom again; then my oldest son (who has been potty trained for 2 years now!) doesn’t make it either. What on Earth!?!?

My husband tells me his half day of work has turned into a whole day. Our toilet is filled with a whole roll of undone toilet paper because my son “didn’t like it where it was”. I go to serve up dinner and my beans that have been cooking all day in my crockpot are still hard. My son goes to the fridge and pulls on a shelf, which breaks, dropping my econo sized bread yeast all over the floor. So much for that bargain. The no nap mood settles over my kids and everyone is cranky, demanding, crying, and/or so hyper they cannot be stopped. My son has another bathroom incident…and then I stick my hand in poo from my little princess’ diaper. I think I need a vacation…

Except bad days can happen even when you’re on vacation, right?

How was your day?

This post was originally “penned” in 2011 and is a part of the monumental task of moving over an entire blog. Thanks for reading!


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