Reasons Why Mommy Needs Her Quiet Time #6

I can’t lie, this week has been pretty fantastic. We had some unexpected money come in, salvaged some garden boxes from a friend who was done with raised bed gardening, and got the whole shebang set up in our back yard.  I now have two four by four boxes and two seven by four boxes filled to the max with veggies. I am super excited.

Have you ever tried to garden with small children?  It seems like it could be this amazing process where they learn all about growing their own food, what plants need to grow, how to care for the earth, etc. What it really is: a lot of complaining, seed dropping into random places, dirt and manure tracked all over the house, and a baby screaming to be picked up when I’m covered in nasty. Oh yes, this momma needs her quiet time.

I actually got my gardening done after nightfall under the glow of flood lights in my backyard. My sweet husband helped me mark boxes, dump soil, rake and shovel, and chart what we planted. He is amazing. That was date night this week.  Three cheers for fresh veggies and a great man who is willing to work hard on a night when we usually indulge in too much rich food and feel miserable afterward.

Are you gardening right now?  Do your little ones help?

This post was originally published at my “old home” in October of 2013. My kids are a little older now and I must say, gardening with them is a lot easier. I still have a baby that screams when my hands are covered in manure, but the big kids are learning a lot. We will be out in town or on a hike and Turbo will identify plants that he sees. My kids will run outside and pick veggies from the garden and eat them raw on the spot. The big boys each have their own piece of land to grow on and they love it. Growing things in our backyard has been challenging at times, but I wouldn’t change a thing. 


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