Reasons Why Mommy Needs Her Quiet Time #4

This week has been night after night of getting no sleep for one reason or another.  I actually wouldn’t mind it if that meant that quiet time was actually quiet and restful, or if quiet time meant nap time for me.  However, most days quiet time is not super peaceful, to be honest.  I still stick by my guns and insist on it every day that we are home in the afternoon, however.  I have two kids that either get a nap or revolt for the rest of the day.  Plus, I need down time even if it’s not so amazing every day.

This week, I need my quiet time because:

Pancake fail

I was so tired this morning that my pancake flip missed the pan entirely.  I didn’t just slop it over the edge a little (which happens!)  That’s wet side down, folks.  On the stove.  Pacake fliping failure extrodonaire.  If it’s not time for quiet time already, it’s certainly time for a cup of coffee, or ten.   I’m so sorry sweet chocolate and almond pancake, you’re fated for the trash now.

Why did you need your quiet time this week?


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