Reasons Why Mommy Needs Her Quiet Time #3

Happy Wednesday! I am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of crafter.  The problem is, I often “wing it” and run into snags.  This week mommy needs her quiet time because:

That’s the last of my white thread and I still had a lot of project left to go.

Yes, I confess, I do not plan well sometimes.  I thought I had enough. I had a deadline to finish this project, and I ate through two spools of thread only to realize that I was not going to finish that night.  Sweetness.  Do not, I repeat, do not use that fancy stitch setting if you even think you might run out of thread.  You will.  It takes more thread to stitch delicate little  flowers around a blanket than it does to stitch a regular line.

Have you ever done this?  If you sew, I’ll bet you have at some point.  Laugh it up, we’re all in this together.  At least I can get a giggle out of it now.   And maybe I learned my lesson; then again, maybe not.

This post was originally published at my “old home” September of 2013. Just this week I, yet again, pushed the thread envelope to its breaking point when I decided to do extensive free motion quilting on a table runner. I finished the project with this same amount of thread left at the end. Apparently, I haven’t learned my lesson. 


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